Magnetic coupling


Hello All

I’m a mater student, My thesis objective is to design an under water vectored thruster unit.
And I’m looking for magnetic couple in order to transfer the generated torque to the propeller. And I would like to know the wall thickness impact on the magnetic losses. So far I could not a paper or a book that deals with that.
Can anyone direct me to papers/book where I could learn the subject!

Thanks very much!
Gil Maor


Greetings Gil,

I am very surprised that you have not found paper or book that covers magnetic coupling. Without doing a quick Internet search, I can name underwater Robotics: Science and Engineering as a starter text, and “ROV Thruster Waterproofing through Magnetic Coupling” paper from Arizona State university. I’m alittle confused about your project. You want to design a vectored thruster unit…can you elaborate. Vector thrusters describes an orientation. Unless you mean vectoring the prop wash in order to change vehicle orientation.


Thanks Jim,

My thesis deals with a unit with 2-3 DOF in order to eliminate the need for 4-6 fixed thrusters on and AUV


Can you please send me “ROV Thruster Waterproofing through Magnetic Coupling” my university is not a member of that data base