LX200V20 (PLC module) in Europe




So, y’all probably know about BlueRobotics and the great work they’re doing.

Instead of hacking OTS PLC adapters, they’re seem to be using a module by the name LX200V20 which basically does the whole Ethernet->two-wire modulation, but it’s a proper standalone module, instead of a hacked off-the-shelve adapter.

What i like about these, is that it takes the hacking&guesswork out of the equation. I hacked a Netgear adapter already; it was easier than i thought, but it still feels like the insides of my ROV are going to be more duct-tape than anything else, so i was really happy to find a solution that would allow me to properly incorporate the communications interface in a clean design.

I was going to order these from Blue Robotics(BR), but i figured, why pay for shipment from the US, when the module originally comes from China. I mean, it must be cheaper to get it straight from there, than to have it shipped to BR in the US, then back to Europe. May as well cut out the middleman, right? (sorry BR)

I sent a couple of emails back and forth with RAKWireless in China, and it turns out… the cost will be about the same. :frowning:
Here’s a partial copy of the last message i got:

2pcs-5pcs as sample price: $40 per unit

10pcs-50pcs :35$ per unit

100pcs: $27 per unit

the shipping cost to EU is around $30 for china post and $80 for DHL.

So the gist of this post is: if anyone is thinking about this, it seem’s BR already got a good deal.

Of course if there are a couple of people here in Europe that would like to order these, please let me know and i’ll see if we can get a better deal (i’m based in Austria; let me know where you are and i’ll come up with a total shipping cost for you)


@mail1 Rusty from BR here. Please note also that the LX200V20 modules require a few external components to work, including a rather hard to find power line coupling transformer.

And, we can do quantity discounts as well if you want to find a few friends to share with.

Good luck!


Wow, Thanks! Especially for the hint with the transformer. I didnt look at the PCB closely enough, and naïvely thought it would have all the coupling components on board ;’(

Like I said, it seems to make sense to order these from you guys anyways (even more so, now that you shared that info)

Keep up the good work!

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