Lumen Subsea Lights on v.2.8



Has anyone tried these on OpenRov 2.8?

Lumen Subsea Light for ROV/AUV

As the Light Cubes are out of stock and I guess we will not see them for a long time, or ever, again. So I looking for alternatives.

Just wondering if someone has tried those lights from Bluerobotics, and how they are performing.


Hi @arnaregilsson - I’m not familiar with anyone who has done this but I imagine that someone has. Perhaps they can shed more light on how to do that.

The OpenROV lights are controlled by a direct PWM duty cycle from the microcontroller, as far as I understand. The Lumens have a solder jumper inside that, if connected, will enable the same direct control of the lights with the same signal. However, when controlled like that there will be no automatic temperature control, so I would still recommend controlling with a servo-style PWM signal if possible.



Thanks for your answer.

So there should be no problems using those lights on 2.8


The only other thing to consider is the weight. If it’s too heavy you would have to use a little buoyancy foam or remove some ballast to offset that. I can’t really speak to that as I’m not that familiar with the OpenROV.


ok thanks, that should be no problem to fix that.