Low output on servo pins


Currently I have the camera and the servo connected to the openROV cape. I can see the video streaming live and I am also able to control the led brightness through the user interface. I haven't connected the ESCs yet.

The servo is unresponsive to the UI. I am getting only 1.5 - 2.5 V on the power pins of the servo. The servo spec sheet says that it needs at least 4.8 V to get it to run.

Any idea on what is causing this issue?

I had replaced the microcontroller that came with the cape with with atmega328 from an arduino uno board. I did this because I was not able to burn the sketch file to the microcontroller that came with the cape. So I burned the sketch to the microcontroller on the arduino uno board and replaced the atmega on the cape. I cannot see this being an issue but just wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything.



The cape is not able to drive the servo directly from the 5v regulator on the cape. the jumper P13 must be removed: http://wiki.openrov.com/images/0/09/Jumper_Removal.jpg and at least one esc needs to be connected to provide power for the servo.



Thanks for the help.

Previously, I had pulled off the jumper but had not connected any escs.