Low FPS in OpenROV cockpit using Chromium-Raspbian. Any tips?



Im using a RPi 2 running Raspbian to control the ROV. All functions is working except one problem with a FPS-count of around 1.8.

Is there any tweaks to increase the FPS?

Raspberry PI 3 for topside OpenROV control

Are you using a USB camera? Or the Raspberry pi Camera?


The FPS counter in the Cockpit is not actually counting the Frames Per Second of the camera. The counter has been disabled in future software versions to avoid confusion.

Disabling the FPS counter

To better clarify.

The ms counter in the lower left is reporting the communication latency between the beaglebone black and the web browser. If you click it, it will switch to a “fps” view… which is not the frames per second of video but rather the number of latency checks performed every second.

There is another counter that appears in the upper left when you press a particular key that shows fps as well. The one that shows in the upper left is counting the number of operations our javascript timer is able to generate every second, which we target to be 33. If it falls below 30, that fps counter indicates that the computer running the browser is having trouble keeping up. Part of the reason it is hidden be default is that we are essentially abusing a fps counter to count something else.

On the future builds, the ms counter in the lower left will no longer allow you to click on it to turn it in to a fps counter that reports useless information.