Lot's of Lag in video


Hi all,

After fews sea -trial of the ROV I found it vey difficult to pilot due to excessive Lag in video. Com's are Ok with the ROV as I can SSH and control the motors and the lights ect. But the video has around 3-5 sec delay. Also I found the CPU usage of the BBB is often going to 100 %.

Is there any way to improve the video link. I've tryed to find in the config files how to decrease the video resolution but cannot find where to do it !

Please advise !!



Which ROV version are you using? Also what is the computer you using the control the ROV? The Cockpit is pretty CPU intensive with all the JS things running in the browser. I've noticed significant (0.5-2 second) lag with my own laptop (2010 Alienware M11 r2 w/ Core i7 640UM) but found it to be significantly reduced (0.1-0.2 second) with a friends laptop (Lenovo W530 w/ Ivy bridge i7).


Hi Colin

I've got OpenROV 2.5, and a brand new laptop Samsung series 7 Ultra with SSD drive, i5-3337U CPU @ 1.8 Ghz and 4Gb RAM. I've got a Dual boot and it's doing the same both on Linux and Windows 8.

I'll try with another Laptop to see how it's work !


There are a ton of performance improvements in the dev branch that reduce load on the browser by a ton. In the meantime, reducing framerate does the most to improve browser side performance which is responsible for most of the video lag.



I'have re-installed Chrome, and since no more lag, a bit strange to me.

Now I'm struggling with adjusting the speed of the motors. I'am using X360ce and a Cyborg-X fly stick to control the ROV.

Motors starts at a high speed and it is difficult to adjust. I've seen that changing the dead zone in the disgnostic pan is doing something but I don't understand all about this tool... !