Lost connection


One build team finished their ROV. The ROV works for 5-8 minutes and then cuts out completely. The power indicator light on the controller has a faint glow...which is not anywhere near the glow it starts with initially. The topside ethernet indicates it has lost contact with the ROV.

We found one very small nick in a wire by the motor. This nick was epoxied. Unfortunately, the ROV still cuts out. We have checked the wires for signs of wear, none were found. We have done a continuity test for the wires that connect to the control board. We did not find any bad connection. We are not seeing water leakage in the battery compartments or electronics compartment.

Do you have any other ideas to check? None of our build team have much experience with electronics. We have learned much through this project though, and are anxious to get the ROV fully functional.


When this happens measure the +12v on the control board to make sure you have +12v also check your +5v & +3.3

Depending on what you measure for +12V you may have a problem at the battery level

if you have +5v the BBB should be operational.

Plug a lan cable directly into the BBB and see if you can bring up the cockpit bypassing the HomePlug adapter.

For troubleshooting you can also bypass the Homeplug adapter power up feature by installing Jumpers on J12 & J17

Once you know you have good power

Check your resistance between the motor windings they should measure .4 ohms. Also measure the resistance to the case of the motor from each lead, it should measure open. Take a very close look for strands of wire touching it's neighbor where the ESC's are soldered to the control board.

let us know how you do getting this far.


Thank you for the ideas. We will take each in turn and rule them in/out. We are novices but willing to learn and trouble shoot our way through.