Lost communication


Has anyone connected directly to the beaglebone black board through the ethernet port?

I’m trying to diagnose a communications failure and have isolated the beaglebone black board but I can’t talk to it, any ideas?



Yes…Really can’t give you much with no information. What have you tried? What leads you to believe its a comm error with the BBB? Can you start it up with the USB micro? Can you see it when you use the USB to your computer as the OpenROV drive? Did you assemble the kit or did you get it assembled? Have you been using the kit successfully until recently? Is this a new issue or do you have intermittent comm issues?

i.e what is the status and history of your kit and then someone here may be able to help debug.

I’ve had issues with the patch cable form the home-plug to the BBB in the past due to some poor cable making. Did you try a new cable?

Have you tried a new image?