Looking to rent one to try in Nome, AK


Hi, I’m up in Nome Alaska doing offshore gold dredging. DNR is requiring us to do annual video surveys of our mined ground, picking one site per year, then go back to each year to document the regrowth. This is time and labor intensive to do with a diver, and it takes up valuable dredging time.

The depths are 40 to 65 feet.

I would like to use something like the OpenROV from a skiff, I don’t have time to build one for this year, and I’m not entirely convinced it will do what I need in the conditions here.

Would anyone be willing to rent me theirs for three weeks, until the first week of October? I’ll pay shipping both ways plus a tenth of an ounce of gold and a copy of the footage I record. I just need it for a day or two, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate, so it might take until early October. Must be complete and ready to go, with USB adapter, game controller preferred. 100 foot tether is plenty.

Being able to mount my GoPro to it would be fantastic.

It’s best to contact me through my Facebook page, Safonatt Services, or by email.

Andrew Lee
Nome, Alaska