Looking for volunteers to translate OpenROV


There are a lot of ways to be part of the OpenROV movement. We are international, and one way you can help is to volunteer to translate portions of OpenROV. We use a simple to interact with web service to do the translations, all you need is some time.

We are actively interested in additional translators for Spanish as well as our first translators for French and Japanese.

PM @badevguru is interested!



We are also looking for translators of the build instructions and operation manual. We have the system in place and if you are interested please PM me (@brian_grau).


If you want Swedish sometime in the furure I’d like to help…


Thank you for the offer. We would love to widen our community of explorers and provide information in as many languages as possible. I will reach out to you in a PM to talk about this in more detail.


Hi, recently joined community. In fact i’m lithuanian, but also fluent in russian language…if you need any help just let me know.


If you were a charity, I would be happy to translate in Spanish and Portugal for free. But… a startup with 800,000 USD from Kickstarter that also received 1.6 million USD from venture capitalists is looking for volunteers? Come on, freelance translators are not so expensive.


We are trying to bring in and engage our larger community from around the world. As an Open Source product we want to give everyone who wants to contribute an opportunity to; not just on the software, electrical, or mechanical side, but with the entire project.

The other reason that we want to engage our community and have people close to the project is because many of the things do not translate directly from one language to another, especially on the build instructions. If the translator has used the system, or built an ROV, they are able to better understand the best way to get the concept across in their language.


that’s a good idea ! In fact, situations are different from country to country, some tools or materials may be easy to find in a contry but it becomes rocket science in aonther country.


Here is a copy of build guide for2.7 in Chinese language.
I hope it can help those who are interested in OpenROV in China or speaking Chinese as their first language.
guide1.docx (324.1 KB)

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