Looking for used, working ROV


Hi, my first post… :slight_smile:
I ordered Trident in November, and have been excitedly awaiting it’s awesome arrival. However… in the meantime, I have been considering purchasing the 2.8 kit, the dev kit, trying to build something really basic in the meantime, or just holding off.

I am wondering though, if anyone in the community has an extra working ROV that they might be interested in selling, especially with Trident on the horizon… Ideally a 2.8, but open to anything that works. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada
Thanks, Peter


Hi Peter, I’m in Vancouver with a 2.6 ( I think its a 2.6) I’d recommend waiting for the trident if you can. By the time you build and tune and have your own little mods to bring the functionality up, I imagine the trident will be shipping.

Building something really basic is a great way to start understanding some of the complexity of building underwater. Even a simple bilge-pump PVC thing with camera teaches you tons.


Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the advice. I will focus on the basics, and also start working on Trident addons. I’m especially interested in manipulator developments.
Regards, Peter


Hi Peter,

I’m working on a manipulator as well. I have a 3D printer coming soon that I want to use to make parts. I want something basic that I can use to recover dropped items from my boat. I’d also like to be able to recover lost crab traps. I notice you’re in Victoria - there might be some opportunities for coordination or testing together.

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