Looking for someone to Build my OpenROV 2.8


Hello All,

I wanted to see if anyone offers build services for the v2.8 kit? I’m located in San Diego, and though I’d prefer someone local, anywhere in the U.S. would be fine. Can anyone help?

Take care,



@Marius_Antares Might be interested. Think he is not in California but he builds these things really well.


Thank you Zack, I will try to contact him. Thanks for sharing.

Take care


Hi, I can do it. I’m in San Francisco. So not entirely local, but sort of close by :slight_smile:


Hi John,
I’ve built two for underwater survey projects in San Diego County. I’m in Oceanside. What is your timeline, and are you interested in also assisting in the build or farming it out?
Best, Howard Pippen