Looking for someone to assemble &test a kit for me


Hi. I wish to purchase a kit from Open Rov but I don’t have the time or experience to assemble a unit. Anyone out there who can assist. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee .
I am based in Ireland


Hi Sean, have you considered participating in a workshop? We are regularly holding workshops, in Spain, Norway, France, USA, etc. The experience is awesome and its worth while to attain the technical knowledge necessary to be an efficiently Pilot-Technician in the field.


Hi Sean,
I have to say I was going to buy an assembled unit but none were available. I am glad I didn’t, I don’t think I would be able to properly maintain the ROV without having the experience of putting it together. If you want one…some how make the time to do the build. You will learn a lot. It’s not rocket science and the support OpenROV has put together will help you more than you can imagine. Good luck,



Hi Sean

I’m in Galway and might be able to help you out if you are still looking for someone.




Hi Sean.
I’m in the West of Scotland. I just ordered a kit yesterday and would be happy to assemble 2 at the same time, giving some increased time efficiency. They probably haven’t despatched mine yet so if you wanted to contact them and see if you could do a deal on shipping. You may have sorted something by now.

My background is that I am a working electronic design engineer, in the medical instrumentation field. Currently working on a unit for measuring intra-cranial fluid pressure, end user is NASA, they are currently trialling the equipment on the ISS.

Very keen sailor too, and eco-warrior!

Contact me by email or 'phone if you like
01866 822325

Best regards

Andrew Holder


Hi Andrew ,

             Many thanks for your offer but i have recently amalgamated my Company with another who already has 2 ROVs , so i am sorted .

Kind Regards

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