Looking for ROV Pilots/Owners in NYC for Wreck Diving - Summer 2018


Hello everybody,

I am a ROV owner and diving enthusiast based in NYC. I am planning to organize a few ROV dives to wrecks in the NY/NJ Area in Summer 2018 just for fun. I am looking for fellow ROV enthusiast that may be willing to join this team and share some of the cost and some of the excitement. We can fit up to 4-6 ROVs on one boat. Most of the sites I am targeting at the moment can be done in 1 day leaving in the morning and coming back before sunset. Targeting weekends in July/August/September.

Here are some of the sites on the list so far:

-USS San Diego (Depth 65-110 feet)
-Oregon (Depth 85-125 feet)
-U869/U-Who (Depth 250 feet)
-Andrea Doria (Depth 190-240 feet)
-Hudson Canyon (Depth 300-900 feet)

Cost per person will be around $150-$500 a day depending on distance from shore and number of people we can get on-board.

Anybody interested? Let me know!


I’m in! September would be best for me.