Looking for projects or expeditions to highlight at OggCamp


Hi all

I’ll be talking about Open Source Underwater exploration / conservation at OggCamp in Liverpool, UK ( http://oggcamp.org/ ) on the weekend of the 31st Oct / 1st Nov

I’ll be spending a little bit of time talking about Bob our AUV ( https://openexplorer.com/expedition/buildingbobs ) and Open Floats ( http://www.openfloats.org/ ) but really want to highlight as many exciting and interesting projects and expeditions as possible.

So, if you have something that you are particularly proud of, excited about or that people really, really need to know about then please let me know below. If you have some cool pictures then that’s even better :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be OpenROV based - if it’s open source or used open source hardware / software then that will fit as well. If you are on Open Explorer then even better - pop me a link to your page.

Not sure yet if the talks are filmed / streamed but if they are you may find yourself mentioned on video somewhere :slight_smile:



I’ve had a couple of messages so far with some awesome examples - If anyone else wants to get in touch then please do, I’ve still got just over a month to put the talk together, so no rush :slight_smile:


Hi all - thanks to everyone who got in touch - unfortunately I didn’t manage to give the talk (or attend the event) as my father had a heart attack the night before the event and passed away early in the morning of the scheduled talk time.

The slides are here though if anyone wants to see how they would have been mentioned - there are some awesome projects going on at the moment and it was difficult to get it down to just these - though I knew a lot of the people attending would be drone mad so I went heavy on the SfM stuff