Looking for outdoor video monitor


I've just put in an order for an OpenROV and am looking for suggestions regarding the best set-up to allow additional kids to see images from the ROV's camera. Having used a professional ROV before, we had hooked up a TV monitor, but the setting was usually in a ship's cabin. Now I'd like to have a set-up outdoors so am trying to find either a computer monitor or TV that I can hook up to my pc (which will be the screen from which I operate the ROV) - and the catch is that I'd like for that additional monitor to be something where kids can see it outdoors. Any thoughts on best set-up and/or equipment to consider? Thanks much!


something like this?



Think this is similar to Tom's suggestion but few dolloars cheaper



And then I guess we need something like this from computer to googles:



Complete setup :D

(Tak Tom havde glemt det stik)


Laurie, here’s something that looks interesting and I’m considering one for my secondary monitor off my laptop: http://www.gechic.com/product_help_en.asp?s=13

Finding something ruggedized for marine use is proving difficult, but I’ll let you know if I find anything.