Looking for New Zealand OpenROV users


I work for a NZ port and we’re wanting to look at the opportunities that an ROV might provide for inspection work. The OpenROV platform seems like a great way to dip our toe into the world of ROVs and benefit from the developer network.

I’m just looking to see if there are any NZ owners/builders out there who would ideally be able to undertake a demo.

Just throwing it out there…

Alec McWhinnie (Port Engineer)


I think there is at least one OpenROV in New Zealand. I haven’t seen anyone from NZ post on the forums for a while tho. I’m based in Hobart, Tasmania if you’re ever across the pond and want a demo.


Cheers Brendan, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and eyes peeled (and obviously sing out if I’m in your neighbourhood!).


Have you had any luck finding any OpenROV owners in N


In New Zealand that is .


Hi Colin
No, alas no luck as yet. I’m still very keen to progress this so will keep hunting!


Hi Alec
I’m super keen on getting one of these bits of kit going here in NZ. It would be great to get a group going here as well. I an aware of a guy that contracts to NOAA that lives here on the coromandel I am in the process of contacting him to see if he is interested helping out a group of amateur explorers . I can keep you in the loop on this if you like.



Hi Colin
Sounds really good so please do keep me in the loop. I’ll keep asking the question with the folks who hold the purse strings and maybe I’ll get some traction on getting a unit here.



Hi Alec … my name is Andy … I run a whale watching boat in Auckland and have a 2.7 complete working open Rov. … if you wanna check it out …


Hi. Llaren here.
I have an ROV under construction. It’s my own build, not quite as flashy as OpenROV though.
It should be done in a few weeks. I’m based in Wellington.


Hi Llaren
Thanks for your message. Hope the build is going well! If I’m up around that neck of the woods I’ll let you know!



Hi Alec and others
I’m based in Wellington, Have just completed a 2.7 build and had its first swim in pool a week or so ago.
I have a slight issue with thrusters not matching so it tends to track in circles rather than straight ahead/reverse direction. I need to get around to looking at balancing the ESC’s somehow.
Be good to set up an NZ based OpenRov group/forum.

Can contact me on : kel2dive@paradise.net.nz

Kel Nairn


I know this is a bit of on old thread - but if you are still interested in NZ based ROV builders I’d be keen to connect.

I’m now on my second build - first was a PVC pipe frame with BR thrusters: PVC ROV

Latest build is a bit more refined: https://youtu.be/XRzXJu1PSqQ https://youtu.be/GeCwfCTFFEo


Hi had a look at your youtube links . Nice build would be great to see it in operation. Where are you at in NZ.



In Auckland, near Half Moon Bay