Looking for Arduino Programers



Hello All.

Im looking for a programer to program a control Arduino to ROV Arduino.

The Program would use a ps2 controller with a LCD to a Arduino topside then a Arduino to Arduino via max490. The Arduino at the ROV would control 17 relays, a compass and leak detection. ( after testing the relays will be replaced with ESCs and a ROV 2.4 design.)

If your up to the challenge i would love to meet or Sikpe about options. I live in Boston if there is anyone in the area lets meet up!




Hey Shane,

Just wondering, but would you be able to use Ethernet to communicate between the topside and the bottomside Arduinos? I've used Ethernet (with UDP) for three ROV control systems so far (2 field tested in a pool and one benchtested only) and it works great! It's pretty easy to program, too. Depending on how long your tether needs to be, UDP could be a good alternative to the max490.



Shane I just sent you a friend request I know you were interested in some Arduino code a while back for your ROV. Hit me up if your still interested.


Hi did you get this sorted out because I am at the same stage and trying to do it the same way would love to have it under the water by Xmas


I will try to upload a pic of my rov when I am on my mac book my I pad won’t let me?