Looking for a demo OpenROV


Dear All,

I have recently been asked by my Institute (Free University of Brussels) to take part in a Science Fair in March this year.

The objective of the fair is to demonstrate that science is (still) and exciting thing for young people. I proposed to demonstrate an OpenROV for the visitors (about 2-3000 students are expected). The idea would be to setup a pool and simulate field work with the ROV. I've seen that the kit is only available for delivery in April.

I'm trying to get all the parts and assemble one following the instructions with the help of one of my lab's technician, but I was wondering if there would be any chance to get one faster? Could anyone help us find a solution (such as renting/borrowing one)?

thanks a lot for your help,



Dear Bruno,

We would very happy to help you. We can ship you the following from our San Diego facility:

  • fully assembled openROV 2.3 chassis (structure)
  • set of all other openROV 2.3 parts (electronics, propulsion)

Chassis only: 190 USD + shipping
Both items : 890 USD + shipping

Are you interested ?


San Diego Robotics



I am interested. You could send it assembled (funcitional)?

Included thether?

I am from Brazil.

my email is rodrigoteski@gmail.com


Hi Bruno,

I am building mine, and if it would be finished (NO GUARANTEE!!! ) in march, i would be happy to borrow it to you. (i live 10 mins. from VUB or ULB)