Look who made the frontpage of Wevolver!


We are experimenting with many different ways to promote our open-source hardware. Specifically, how do we get to the 3d models and 2d technicla drawings? Is it just one big .zip file on GitHub? Can we make it easy to find what you are looking for or perhaps focus on certain areas of development without having to get familiar with the whole system…


We’d really apprecate some feedback on this sort of thing…after all it’s what puts the “open” in “OpenROV.”

Thanks in advance,



Is this going to be updated over time? Is it a place one would go to find the files instead of github?


Yes and yes. Let us know what you think!



We have updated the Wevolver site to the latest files and information! We are testing out the platform as a way to share the documents. We will be updating the hardware GitHub as well as the Wevolver site. We would appreciate feedback on how we share the hardware files and what is best for the needs of the community.