Long distance wifi stup?


Hi everyone

I want to build a setup for sending video feedback from a boat at the dive site and maybe be able to control the rov from a headquarter at shore. Ca 4-500 metres from the boat.

Anyone have the knowhow?


Hello Tom,

We have had great success with long range wireless ethernet bridges here at OpenROV HQ for deployments. You can read about the setup and our first use of it from April 2014 when looking for a sunken ship.

-Brian G.


I've had good experience with Ubiquiti gear for longer distances.

Also there are some discussions on their forum about links in marinas and boats on lakes https://community.ubnt.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/Forums

The entire thing will be easier if your boat is always at the same site but even if your boat is moving around 500 meters shouldn't be a big problem.

Make sure your wifi gear on the boat is high enough, if you mount it on a small mast it should get a better connection then from a laptop on the floor of a boat.


Thanks alot for sharing this.
i will Look into it :slight_smile:
Marry Christmas to all of you



We have had great experiences with Ubiquiti gear here at OpenROV HQ. We use an omni antenna on the boat and a sector antenna on land.

-Brian G.


Hi everyone;

I’m going to control Trident from quite far from the dive site, in the same way showed before in the post. This system will be used for scientific dissemination purpose, in order to control the trident and chatting with students about hydrobiology.

However, I was wondering what kind of IP address could have the trident when using RJ45 adapter to connect the top side with the transmitter (wifi long range system)… May I ask about this stuff to the team?

thanks a lot for any support.

Nicola Castelnuovo