Long distance 2.1Km water pipe inspection


My problem is:
I have a request to inspect a 24 inch clear water cement pipe that is 2.1 kilometers, 1.3 miles max 10 feet deap with no openings in between. I was wondering if using a underwater camera mini fishing cable 2 wire + kevelar 1.00mm diameter 0.039 inch 1.3 miles long could work as tether hookup with my trident
This cable is good for up to 40 pounds pull

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Hey @patremblay1, great question. Going that far using the standard we use to talk through our tether (IEEE 1901) would not be possible without some sort of repeater system at various points along the tether, as signals using this protocol generally can only reach a distance of about 300m. Other protocols such as VDSL may work, but that would require special equipment on the vehicle. We’ve discussed developing accessories that allow for longer distance communication like you’re talking about so I’m glad to hear about your use case. For what it’s worth, I know there are specially built pipe inspecting robots that can be bought (and perhaps rented), but I think they’re very expensive. I’ll keep thinking about it and let you know if any good ideas come to mind. Please let us know if you come up with any other solutions as well!

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Depending on how much room there is inside your Trident ROV, we could strip down a DSL modem and put the circuit board inside. This should allow communication over that long of a two-wire cable to another DSL modem topside. DSL modems are available (used) on eBay for around $40 each.