Logitech F310 Game Pad - horizontal thrusters now run by themselves



We just took delivery of the latest Controller board with the integral ESCs (Item PRD0035). We have put the latest software (30.0.3 Jesse) on the Beagle Bone and uploaded the latest firmware to the Arduino.

We are running the Tynergy motors. We had been able to use the joystick on the F-310 for the horisontal thrusters with the older version of the software/board. Now the horizontal thrusters start and run by themselves and are unctonrollable.

When we change the mode on the F310 we can control the motors using the directional pad above the joystick.

Any ideas ? We would like to have the joystick capability.



The controls will only work in one of the modes. The mode is different for Windows and OSx.

If you try unplugging the gamepad and plugging it back in does it switch the mapping? We have a known issue reported of the mapping switching at random times between the directional pad and the joystick. See the issue post on Github. We suspect this issue is in the Chrome Gamepad API but since we have limited cases it is hard to track down since the symptoms are hard to reproduce. Can you post what kind of computer you are using as well as the version of Chrome?



Hi Brian,

We were not having this issue running the old 2.6 board and older software. It has only started since we installed the new board and 30.0.3 Jesse update.

We are running an Acer laptop with Windows 10 Home Edition and Google Chrome 48.0.

We just shut down chrome, unplugged the controller, plugged it back in, and then relaunched chrome. It is now working as it was before with the joystick providing horizontal thruster control.



Thank you for providing this report. It sounds like it is this bug where it is switching at random times. It is on our list of things to try to track down and get fixes.