Logitech c920 watermark



I am trying to take apart the c920 to put in the dome of my WEC but there is a watermark…
I read another post and someone said they had a similar issue.
Has anyone managed to figure a hack around this?
If not any suggestions for a different camera? It needs to fit in the 4" dome actually a bit less space… It’s a tight constraint. I like the quality of the c920 but with the speakers attached it is too large for my set up.

Thank you!!!



I too had this issue. There are two things that I think might affect this.

The case for C920 does have a chip on the back of the camera and there is a metal heat-sink like object that does touch said chip. Maybe it gets too hot and has troubles for some reason. It kinda shows something like a circuit, right?

My second guess is that light shines through the back or edges of the image sensor which causes you to see the back of the sensor.

It kinda look like this?

Anyways, I would try maybe putting a small heat-sink on that little chip and then try covering up the edges and the back of the board with some sort of tape of something. Hope this helps!


I took the case and lens off mine and it hasn,t got a watermark. I have read about people having them, but mine was ok for some reason.