Local Meetups and Build Nights


What city are you in? Would you want to meet as a group for a build night?


I'm in Scottsdale, AZ and plan to do a demo night to the local community late august to show our various projects for robots and gadgets. We have been hacking on the OpenROV initial design with other projects.


In NW Chicago,IL. Would love to view a video feed of the SF meet.


I'm in Seattle and it'd be super to find other people interested in a build night. There's a great builders place on Capitol Hill on Broadway - they may be interested in hosting it. I got some laser cuts there once. Seems like a cool place.


Pittsburgh, PA - I'd definitely attend.


By any chance, could you record this and then upload it for those of us that can't make it?

That would be very much appreciated!


Good idea! I'll do my best to make it happen.


I'm in the NYC area. I'm interested in local build nights, as well as remote attendance at others. Are you still planning a video feed for the SF event?


Thanks, it would be really appreciated!


Never mind; I just saw GaG's question and your reply.


I’m in Brussels, Belgium.
Maybe now it’s a bit too early, but I’ve a connection with a FabLab with a laser cutter and 3D Printer, and I when the thing is a bit more mature and after I’ve built my own, I can try to setup a build night (or weekend) at their location.
Maybe this fall, of course if there is interest in my area :slight_smile:


I’m in Costa Mesa, CA. Very sorry to have to miss this event. But, I’ll be in Yosemite (one of the places I plan to someday deploy a small ROV). Thanks to @GreaseandGears.com for the suggestion to record and upload the event, that would be fantastic as I obviously won’t be watching the live feed either. However, I’m very much looking forward to another opportunity to meet for a build night.


Would a G+ Hangout on Air make sense


Did you find a way to do the live streaming or recording?


I'm currently in Los Angeles taking care of Mom. Buying a home in Phoenix, have a home in Spokane.

It might be fun to drive north to San Francisco for a build event. 'specially if I could crash somewhere if multiday event...

Is there a query OpenROV an run against this or the kickstarter backers to summarize and count the cities where folks live?


I am in Toronto, lots of filmmakers in Toronto too considering it is called the Hollywood of the North! We also have some of the best Scuba diving in the world with all of the shipwrecks in Tobermory. Big potential audience & customer base there!


Hey Jeff,

We'll be tagging all the serial numbers (and creating a map) for all the units.



YES! We did one last week for the event and it worked brilliantly. It's a great tool. I'm thinking about organizing a global build day using G+ On Air...