Local groups/meetings



I was wandering, if it is maybe possible to create local groups.

for example a Benelux group (Belgium,Netherlands and Luxemburgh) that shares ideas and knowledge localy and could meet up? off course, this would then be shared to the rest of the community.

I saw, on a local divers forum that people take interest in building one.

it would be great to gather experiences in real life



I think that local groups are a great idea. I'll have an updated list of serial numbers up shortly. That should help!



That would be awesome, I'd love to know how many OpenROVs are in New Zealand - hopefully mine isn't the only one.

If there's anyone reading this from Auckland that's having issues or trouble finding suppliers feel free to get in touch.


Hi Mike. I too live in Auckland and I'm very new to the ROV world, still thinking if I should get into this, maybe you could give me some tips?