Loading Arduino software


Hi All,

am happily putting together the ROV and having all sorts of trouble getting the software sorted. Initially had issues with loading the new firmware onto the cape via the web. In complete frustration went and bought an arduino board (Arduinos were all new to me 48 hrs ago) and a manual and have now apparently loaded the software onto the cape chip using the arduino board. Problem is it still does not seem to work. Well it sort of works. I can get the camera to go, but not the lights nor the motors. The output on the cockpit says I have zero voltage (even though I ma running a 12 volt power supply to the system. I've got absolutely no idea where to start now as to how to locate the problem and fix it. Any thoughst would eb greatly appreciated




A couple things to troubleshoot with.

1) Is the green "light" on the cockpit software lit?

2) Login to the ROV via ssh and check the /var/logs/openrov.log file for hints

The Camera is controlled just from the Beagle. The Arduino controls lights and motor.


Hi Brian, thanks for the reply. Ok, yes the green cockpit light is on (ie green). Have tried to log in using PuTTy all good except I can not locate said log file. In fact I can not locate the /var/logs/ directory Any ideas?




I can sympathize... I had almost the same experience. I too used an Arduino UNO to load the cape chip and also could not get the cape to operate. So hope we can get some more feedback. I more or less have given up on my Cape and purchased the new controller board and hopefully it will work better.


Hi Chris,

I'm with you mate. I have a fully completed ROV sitting on my desk that I can not get to work. I've pretty much given upm on the whole idea of it, so yes, I'd love some feed back. I go tto the stage that I could drive the lights, got the camera to go but could not get the motors to run and then had issues with the home plug adapters and can not get them ot run now either


Hey guys, sorry you're having such trouble with this. We'll try to help you get this figured out.

Chris- since you're using a Cape instead of the new controller board there may be some problems with trying to use new software. Would you mind linking to what software you've been loading onto your Atmega chip? I'll check it out and see if it's the best fit for your hardware.

Jamie- I'm not sure what the problem may be with your build, but hopefully very soon we'll have a stable version of the 2.5 software that we can make an image for, then all you'll have to do is copy the image file onto an SD card and it should work right away. We're working on getting this together very soon, but there are still some final things we have to do. Hang in there- we'll be sure to keep you up to date, and let me know if there is anything I can help out with in the mean time.

If either of you guys want to chat or do a video hangout, let me know. I'm not super great with the software side of things, but if there are electrical wiring issues I may be able to talk you through that.



Hi all,

I seem to be in a similar situation to what others have described: 2.4 kit fully assembled connecting through the tether... camera working, ESCs powered up, but motors, servo and lights unresponsive.

I am not successfully updating/communicating with the arduino - errors in the log say:

"Audrino is at an incompatible version of firmware. Upgrade required before controls will respond



Have updated the arduino successfully swapping the chip into an UNO plugged in directly... updating via the script or the cockpit always fails,

any thoughts on what to test?

(NOT discouraged! I am having a great time working on this - I encourage folks with issues to remember the nature of this endeavor - working through these challenges is half the fun!)



Hi eric,

yes love a link up. When is good for you and I'll make sure I'm avainalble. Thansk heaps



Hi Brad,

yep, agree with you, sorting the issues is half the fun, but when you get to a brick wall with no answers it just gets frustrating. I'm not giving up, I'll struigghle on through as I wnat to use the system for research on box jellyfish that I'm doing, but its just taklen a back seat, which is really unfortunate as I'd use it tomorrow if I could get ti to work. Hopefully Eric can sort some issues for me



Okay- I think we've got a software image that should work for v2.4. I just made a post about it which you can find here:


Would you guys who have built-up v2.4 ROVs mind testing this and letting me know if it works?

Best of luck!