Live streaming video to internet

Related to this application, is it possible for another device (Laptop) to connect via WiFi to the Topside module to tap into the video stream through a browser window or Video LAN?

We need the Trident video streaming inside the cabin of a research vessel and it’s not practical for the operator to have any cables coming from the controller.

We’ve had success by wirelessly screencasting the JXD screen to a Chromecast plugged into a TV. Both the JXD and the Chromecast need to be on the same Trident network to do this, and there is a ~0.5s delay in the view coming into the TV.

@dprestonmartin I’ve been trying to get Chromecast to work as well, but so far, all of my attempts using the Trident wifi network do not work. Did you modify the Trident network in any way? [edit- Nevermind! I finally did find a combination that works. I am “chromecasting” to Reflector 3 on a laptop]

I occasionally connect my tablet and phone to the topside module at the same time. In my application I leave my tablet on a stand in the shade and then move about with my phone and a Bluetooth game-pad controller.

If you haven’t already tried this, you could probably do the same thing with a tablet PC in addition to the controller so long as the tablet in the cabin was within wi-fi range of the topside module.

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Love the idea of live streaming, but wondering if there is other ways…
Did anyone ever try to do for example a youtube live stream from their tablet with screen recording the pilot view? That should be possible right?

@manuel I’ve tested the Live streaming to Youtube and it worked great. I was able to send live footage from the Trident to Youtube, while in my home. I haven’t had the time to go out with the Trident in a real run, and do a broadcast yet.


Did you stream with the hdmi adapter or with the screen directly?

@manuel I did it through the HDMI port on my controller, and some internet software I found. Both of them do the LIVE feed from the view from the ROV, not the pilot view. To get the pilot view, I use a screen capture software but cannot show it live, but post it later.


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Could you ever share the software you used to get the 1080p stream?

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@johngrosklaus I’ll try to post details on what I’ve used later tonight.


Hi @pforperry,
Are you still able to connect two devices to the topside WiFi with the last few releases of the Cockpit app (v1.7.3)? It appears to me that the Cockpit app is now continually writing the rov_control_target even when the joysticks are inactive. With v1.6.2?, the rov_control_target wouldn’t be written when the joysticks were inactive for awhile, which would allow another device to ‘pilot’ the Trident.

G’day webhoppery,

I have not connected my two devices for a while so I will check this feature on the weekend.

My tablet has also been giving me issues lately and in particular it has been dropping the video link but remaining connected to Trident (my phone does not seem to have this problem so it is likely to be an issue inside the tablet). Because of this, I have not been taking it out. I also upgraded to the (now not so) new Samsung Galaxy S10+ in May so I briefly tested simultaneous connections to Trident with all three devices including my old Galaxy S5.

As an aside, I am also keen to see if Cockpit operates in the DEX mode of my Samsung S10+ since this will allow me to screen cast to HDMI whilst controlling Trident with the Bluetooth game controller.

Hi @pforperry

I don’t recommend connecting two devices with the latest few Cockpit versions. If you try it at home, low thruster gain, and with no joystick deflection on either device, things seem ok. But when I add a little joystick deflection on one device, the thrusters seem to try to go between the joystick setting and 0, from the 2nd device.