Live Internet Control (Trident Kickstarter Update #4)

We're going beyond remote viewing of distant robots, to actual remote control. One of the features of Trident will be to allow community members to pilot robots from around the world.
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Hi , I apologise in advance for my rudimentary question , being a first time contributor .
I eagerly await my Trident and would like to allow others to be able to control it remotely ( I live in Ireland ).
Does it matter whether I use a facebook page or a designated website to do this ?
Which would be best ?

Dear OpenROV
I am an educator at an aquarium, and in our outreach program we were looking forward to engaging pupils that are not able to visit us by means of remote operation. Are you still working on this and if so, then we would like to demonstrate this at a national science teaching convention in April if possible.
Kasper Gaardhoje

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Hello. I would be pleased. I’m still working on rov. I want to watch

13 Ara 2018 Per 16:53 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Hi Kasper,
I’m at the National Maritime Museum in Australia and we have a series of Tridents that we use for school and public programs. So far the best we have done is use a large screen connected by HDMI cable (next to the pilot) to allow all the students to see what the ROV is seeing in the harbor (Sydney).

I’d be really interested if you can find a solution for live streaming it out!


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Hey guys,

There’s another Forums topic about this same thing which I just replied to. I use a video capture card that allows the HDMI output from a JXD S192K controller to work like a webcam on a laptop. Here’s a link to that other forum thread.

Looking forward to seeing what you stream!



Hi Peter,

This is also being discussed by others on the forum (Live streaming video to internet) and an interim solution appears to have been found by Michael_Girard.

I am also interested and would like to chat with you about your progress.

Kind regards


Thanks Eric,

This is pure GOLD…

Kind regards

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