Little Hawk Lake Dive 2


This was my 2nd Dive at Little Hawk Lake in Northern Ontario with the ROV to 35'. The water was a bit clearer but because I am around the docks it still was not the best. I had a few issues to work through which was to be expected. the first one was the bright sunlight making it very difficult to see the computer screen so the solution was to use a beach towel to make a little tent over the laptop... I got a few funny looks from people as they walked by :) Later I discovered that the laptop dims the display when on battery power to conserve battery life. Solution was to up the intensity which helped.The 2nd. Issue I had on this dive was with staying on the bottom even though the ROV was neutral buoyant on the surface. This I later figured out to be with the ping pong balls on the tether. Later dives I moved the ping pong balls further apart so they were just barley floating on the surface. So on this dive I did not move around as much because of not being able to see the screen very well. I also measured the depth of the lake to be 280' in this section of the lake.


Nice dive. Looks like you have the camera servo working. Is this the original e-chassis or a modified one like the 2.5 version Eric is working on?


Thanks Jim, No this is my own Chassis, I have two servos for Pan & Tilt but only have the Tilt hooked up for now until I figure out how to program and wire in the second Pan Servo. I will probably do that when I can get the new cape that I think will have more ports available & maybe the Power control board. My priority will be to get the compass and depth setup as soon as I can get my hands on the board that has been developed. I have a few more video's and one that shows a compass that I have installed on my last few dives, I just tilt my camera down and the compass shows up in the bottom of the screen. That was a huge help on my deeper dives down to 60'


The Pan sounds interesting. I also guess by compass you mean a real compass that you view via camera vs. the I2C kind.