Lithium Polymer Battery Packs?


The laptop charger was a good idea! cheap and available.

but instead of rectifying, and modifiying the charger, you could just use the ac voltage.

Note that normal "household" ethernet cables only have a 60V rating.

the Belden 1353A cable that is supplied with the kit has a 300v rating, this i probably available in a 2-pair version as well.



From what I've read, leaving the voltage as AC will lead to inductance and signal problems in parallel wire, so DC is the best way to go. Plus, it gets rid of the transformer and rectifier onboard, reducing weight and space requirements.



Thats true, you can also get some strange effects when the cable is in a coiled position, and especially on a drum.

On work we have high frequency and high voltage on our long(1.2-10km) cables. but these need some balancing coils to compensate for the inductance in the cable and transformers at the end of the cable.

(i work with a company that does internal pipeline inspection, one of our competitors have made a nice video of the task



Hello Jason, it is a very good idea.
I have been working on it and It’s done.
The results are great! I uploaded some photos of my work.
If you have some question, just ask.