LIPO 3S-2200mAh batteries in the 2.6 model


Hello people, I have troubles with the LiFE batteries and Ultrafire batteries and I want to change those batteries for LIPO 3S-2200mAh 30C.
I know that I need to change the batteries tubes, but I want to know if I can use LIPO batteries in the 2.6 model


I had the batteries that Openrov offer in my V2.6. I used the adapter between the batteries and the endcap.
Now I have changed to the new tubes


So, are you using LIPO batteries in the 2.6 model? can you show me a picture?


Sorry, my mistake. I am using FePO. those from OpenROV.


One of the ROV’s I’ve been working on has this modification the short answer is yes, the one we have has fuses as a precaution and of course big custom battery tubes


Hello Teaguey, after some months of work, I have made the changes.
The motors are faster and the use time is much more.