LiMnNi Rechargeable Cell in a C Battery Form Factor


Jim Trezzo just sent us this link to a rechargable LiMnNi battery. This looks VERY promising for future OpenROV development. $10 isn't too bad, either.

It will probably require a custom PCB to manage the battery packs, but that should be doable.


I think those would be better: 8 pcs tenergy D-size 10,000mAh Link Amazon and it is possible to buy 20pcs


I was wondering about this (upgrading the power). For battery management one could obviously simply use a battery holder such as the link below and clip one of these batteryspace/powerizer overcharge protection circuist (I bet the sell a 3.7V charger) to the leads (or properly clip two of them to a 7.4V charging chip or whatever if connecting multiple in series). BUT I realize that I dont even know what the power req's are for the system? There are something like 6 1.5V C-cells in series in the standard openrov? Thats going in to the cape or something and then powering all the motors and servos and arduino/beaglebone? Just realising that there is a lot I dont know right now about this thing coming to my doorstep :-)

edit: I just found this earlier post bringing up the issues of the different weights with lipo and other good stuff. Just catching up to the forum stuff, cheers


yet another good post