Lights turn on by themselves and sometimes blink



Sometimes the lights (LEDs next to the camera) start blinking, what does that mean? I have the cockpit open and the camera working and I can fully control the ROV.

Also, sometimes, the LEDs turn themselves on/off without me controlling them. When I press (i) in the cockpit to toggle them off, I have to click twice, since the cockpit think that they already off!

I have openrov 2.6.

Thank you


After 3 minutes, the system starts checking for a heart beat from the browser on your computer. If the browser is not connected to cockpit the system will start blinking the lights (and shut down the motors). As soon as connectivity to the browser is restored the blinking will stop.


How can I disable this feature?


You can edit CDeadManSwitch.cpp in the arduino section of the software to disable this feature.

I’ve also found computers that are a bit under powered or CPU blocked can get behind on sending the heartbeat, but are still connected to the cockpit. I think it’s because java script is running at a lower priority than chrome. My laptop with a AMD A4 1250 CPU has this fault occur regularly, but it never happens on my desktop with an i5-2400 CPU.