Lighting reflections on tube and camera image quality



Hei ROVers

I’m having a lot of fun with my assembled OpenROV! Thank you guys for this cool robot!

Do you also get reflections from the LED on the main tube or the chassis side walls which disturb the camera image? It degrades the image quality very much, because the camera does not adjust correctly. The light in the front is too bright, and in the back it is too low, so visibility is low. attached are three pics from my work room

  1. room lights on, no LEDs on. picture quality is ok, a bit grainy
  2. room lights on, all LEDs full power, you can see the camera reflected in the tube and super bright spots from the chassis side walls
  3. room lights off, all LEDs on full power



i need to take some underwater pictures too, but more or less i still get the same reflections from the LEDs from the tube and the chassis side walls

what do you think? do you have the same problems? some ideas to improve this? blend rings for the LEDs or the camera? or can one adjust the camera settings manually by software commands?

thanks for your help


Hi Patrick
I understand your problem. I solved this by adding small pieces of black felt close to the camera. I glued them next to the white plastic pieces as you can see in the picture. They touch the plastic tube, without causing to much friction.
best regards.


thank you for your kind answer! Felt is a nice idea, I will try to make similar felt blends.