Lessons Learned - Step 2


The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick arrived today and the IMU should be here shortly so - time to begin construction!

The Dozuki build instructions are fairly easy to follow but do check the orientation of pieces before you glue! I did a dry-fit on most pieces and an orientation match on the snap-togethers. The glue, or I should maybe say "welding water", is really, really runny. So much so that even when you are gluing an inside seam it runs out through any available space. The good news is that it gets well distributed between the parts - not so good if the assembly is laying on a paper desk blotter.

I tried softening the paper with alcohol but with little success. I guess this is why all of the Dozuki pictures show the parts being held and not pressed onto the desktop. Any non-porous surface would probably allow you to press the parts together and hold them until they set - a piece of aluminum flashing perhaps?

I did find a minor flaw in the lateral shroud support. This caused a failure on the part during assembly but a little scotch-tape and more glue once things began to set were all that was needed to fix things up.

Just the Tube Cradle assemblies to build and then on to the hard stuff!

#471 Out.


I finished this step too and I found that excess acrylic cement can warp or crack the structure, so it is best to keep a towel nearby. Also, like you said, check the orientation. Once glued, you can not go back to make corrections. Where did you get the joystick?


My syringe has a fairly large bore and immediately started to flow once inverted so everything got a very good dose of Weldon. Hopefully this means a good bond was also achieved. The 3D Pro came from www.amazon.ca - just under $40 direct to the door. I wanted this unit as I envision diving planes on a not-too-distant future version of the ROV.


What do people recommend to protect their work surface from the adhesive? Will a hot glue gun pad work?