Left and right panning


Is capable to pan left or right ?

from the images and schematics I could not see haw to pan left or right. I ask because in survey you need this against a undewater wall.


Panning is rotating left or right its the same as yaw, which is acheived by the left /right thrusters.


I think you to mean strafe or track, which is movement left or right without rotation. There is ability to do this movement with the openrov.


*there is no ability to do this movement- Is how it was supposed to read.


Mike is correct. Panning is achieved through left/right thrusters. The current configuration/layout isn't designed to strafe. (Unless someone can figure out how to do it, which would be awesome ;) )


Do you remember the magnetic coupling posted on this forum for driving an arm from inside the E_Tube ?

Wouldn't it be possible to use the same arrangement for tilting the vertical thruster ?