LED Panels from KIt


Me again :(

The LED Panels in our kit seem to bee a litle different from the LED panels in the Instruction Video.

There is a a different capacitor on it. The Problem, the capacitor on our module is a little higher. So it is higher than the Camera holder acrylic Plastic part. :(

I tryed different Position but one thing is always higher than the Acryl part. The capacitor or the Black pats on the other end end.

Any suggestions how to solve the Problem?

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Hey Eik,

The LED Panels you got have a built in regulating circuit that allows them to run on a wider range of voltages and makes them consume less power for the same amount of light. Although it makes fitting them in the tube without scratching anything a little harder, you should be able to get it to fit if you position the LED just right and use an adhesive that does not add any significant thickness to the assembly. If you're still having problems, you may be able to add height to the curved plastic blinders that go between the camera and the lights and remove material from the back part of the E-Chassis so that the whole unit sits further back.

Let us know how it works out, and good luck!



I measured:

The LED board is 4.3 mm high at the capacitor. The capacitor (outer edge) is 9 mm away from center.

The Camera holder acrylic Plastic part is in the center 4.6 mm, but wie know it is round:

9 mm from center it is only 3.8 mm high.

There are missing 0.5 mm, without glue.

scratching is only one Prop. If I have permanent pressure on the capacitor it may be also not good for the Board.

I look the Instruction video very car full: Ther are two different boards. On Without capacitor and one with capacitor. :)

But the capacitor on the board in the video is slightly different shaped. It is wider and not so high like mine.


Ok i solved the Problem by Milling 1 mm away.

Ok. It is not the best work, but using a high speed mill with plastic that melts at higher temperatures does not make it easier.

now there is enough space!