LED Lights not working....again on 2.8



I’m back to my original issue with the ROV and the LED lights. Last time, I had to re-seat the white usb cord. It worked!!! Now, all of a sudden, the lights come on, but they flicker and don’t fully illuminate. I’m starting to get frustrated with this thing. I fix one issue and have to figure out the next. I’ve had it for 3 weeks now and have yet to be able to use it.


Flickering and flashing lights is an issue that may be caused by an old software version. You may follow the information in this thread for the latest software on your OpenROV. Hope this helps, and don’t worry: I will all work out :slight_smile:


Hi Danmandusputer,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your 2.8. We do our best to design our products to be void of issues, and provide support when there are issues present.

One known issue that this might very well be a symptom of is a short circuit between the camera PCB and the light board PCB. This happens sometimes, in which the metal M2 screws holding down the light board PCB cause the board to not function as it should and simply flicker. The solution to that issue is to put a nylon washer between the M2 screw head and the metal nuts on the opposite side. Even a paper washer would work, actually.

This issue is detailed in this forum thread.