LED Light and Motor Failure


I have the package assembled and only one LED light works.

Voltage is present on the board but no lights. Any ideas?

I was not able to operate the motors either. None of them.

I must be doing something wrong.


could you take a picture of your wiring setup? More info always helps with debugging! Did you remove the jumper on the cape?




I am optimistic that the issue will be resolved with a BeagleBone and Cape update. I do need some help with the cape update. Are there directions for this process? If you do not do this all the time it all sounds greek. Help.


I couldn't get lights or motors to work until I updated the cape (http://wiki.openrov.com/index.php/Update_Software#Updating_the_OpenROV_Cape).

I couldn't get the update to work through the Cockpit web browser interface I had to take the chip off the cape and put it into an Arduino Uno, which was actually very easy.


Updates to BeagleBone and Cape solved the motor problems for now. Not thoroughly tested yet. LED light issue still remains. One works one does not. I think I will need a replacement if I can get it off the panel. It is epoxied down.