LED Configuration


Hi there!

I want to add some more illumination to my OpenROV 2.6 and according to the Bill of Materials, the led array should be the “374-lha-06b30-n-sb”

link: Digitron 87lm LED light array

But you can’t find that item on the dealer’s webpage. There’s this item listed instead:


Shouldn’t have problems using this LED Array instead?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Cristian:

As near as we can tell Digitron seems to be getting out of the business of making little LED modules, and we haven't found any easy alternatives. Future OpenROV versions will use a custom designed LED array.

As to your specific question, the LED board you linked to does not appear to have a regulator, it's just configured to run off of 12V. It will likely be somewhat dimmer if you're running the ROV off of LiFePO4 batteries at 9.6V. If you want to tinker a bit at home, you could figure out what's used for dropping resistors on the board, then change them to match the 9.6V configuration of the ROV.