LED array light issues


hi all, i am using a 2.5b ROV that has been upgraded to a 2.6 controllerboard. everything boots up properly and connects to the computer fine except for the LED array is always on. using the i,o, and P buttons don’t do anything. this wouldn’t normally be a problem except i am using the ROV for a competition where i must turn on and off the lights. i had an issue with the female side of the DB-25 where the bottom left pin got bent so i had to bend it back. everything is still working except for the LED light array.


In my experience that implies your getting a solid current feeding in to the LEDs somewhere other than the where it is supposed to. Perhaps a stray wire strand on the DB25 that is bridging to a power wire? @Brian_Grau, any thoughts?


I don’t believe that is the issue, the only thing that has happened to the DB-25 is that pin 13 was bent and sort of crushed. From my knowledge this pin controls the starboard ECS but I was able to bend it back with no issues… The only other thing I have noticed is that the LED’s seem to fluctuate when releasing and pressing the motor activation buttons on my computer. A.K.A the up,down,left,right keys


The fluctuation is simply the battery voltage dipping as the motors pull a bit more current than they can source at once. As for the lights, other than triple checking the wiring and ensuring everything is plugged in the right place I don’t have ideas off hand for the electrical.

You can ensure that the lights are not being signaled on by the software by going in to the Arduino code and disabling the light module in the AConfig.h file by setting the value to 0.


Was the ROV ever working in a state where the LEDs were off and could be controlled?


Yes the LED’S where working a couple nights ago. I only started having issues when pin 13 on the DB-25 was bent and I bent it back


I would check to make sure that wires that go from the LEDs to the controller board into pins P1+ and P1- are not touching and are secure.