Leak through DB25 Port



Hi, I finished assembling Open ROV 2.8, before starting to test the electronics underwater I decided to do a test with out it and it has a leak throught the DB25 Port (https://youtu.be/gUJ3w_T4RTA and http://imgur.com/EHDo8mz ). I’d like to know if there is a way to seal the leak or if there is something I missed in the manual while assembling.



I am sorry to hear about the leak. It is a good thing you did this test before putting in the electronics!

From the looks of the pictures it looks like there is a large area (between the two arrows) that there is no epoxy. It looks like water is traveling between the wires and then into the DB-25. Am I correct with my interpretation (a little hard to tell from the pictures)?

Also what type of epoxy did you use for this build?


also you need to shake those cable a bit while applying the epoxy, so that the glue went through every single cable. from what i see there are spaces that water might travel thru esp. when you dive deep.


The epoxy should pot the whole gap of endcap to ensure the seal. I once came up with the same situation as my epoxy failed to fill up the gap. If you fail to pot the whole gap at a time, it will be hard for you to inject new epoxy again to pot because the former epoxy has stayed in the way and it will prevent the new epoxy from flowing in. I solved the problem by relasered a new endcap(the CAD file is open-sourced and you can get them on the website) and inject the epoxy again. To ensure the epoxy to pot the whole gap, I used a “gun”(shown in the picture) to inject. Or you can use a syringe to inject(it is awesome).


Thanks guys, indeed the epoxy was the problem. I ended up sealing with epoxy through the other side where the cables go to the db25, I don’t have a photo right now but It sealed correctly the other side.

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