Lasers and LEDs behaving poorly


One of our 2.8 ROVs is having an issue with the camera board: We can command the measuring Lasers on and off, but the lasers don’t turn off all the way - they just get dim. We would like them to shut off all the way. Also, the white lights do not get nearly as bright as the other ROV we’ve built. When we command them on, they are about 10% as bright as the other ROV. The camera feed seems to be working quite well. Has anyone seen this issue? We’d obviously like to get this fixed.


For me this sounds like a connection quality issue? Have you checked all the soldering joints for cold solder joints? Also try untightening the screws just a little bit, they caused small shortages on my light board at some point. You can also try to change the light boards of two ROVs, so you can check, whether the problems is within the board, or the rest of the ROV.


Absolutely right, as we started to debug the problem, we detached and reattached the electrical boards and cable connections. The issue went away almost immediately. Problem solved.