Lasers and latest beta 25-5 code


There is always more to learn when building an OpenROV.

The lasers I mounted are not in very parallel and/or straight. See attached pictures. ugh!

And I glued them in the plexi-glass camera support. Be careful when mounting these, I wish I had been.

Yesterday I loaded the latest 2.5-5 controller board firmware/software from Brian. I see with the "F" key you can bring up FPS in the left hand corner of Openrov CockPit (maybe frames per second?). Also moving the mouse over the keypad at the top shows the keyboard commands. Very Nice!

Having the camera go up and down in increments and actually move in the 2.5 build is great. You can see the camera position at the top of the screen as you move it.

After loading Brian's latest beta software my motors did not run but everything else worked. Checking through the code for the Arduino I see he has added "ESCPOWER_PIN" which will be for calibration at some point. I copied the line "escpower.write(command.args[1]); //Turn on the ESCs" to just above the If statement that it is in. To turn on the esc's power and ran in Putty "sudo /opt/openrov/linux/arduino/" to rebuild the Arduino firmware and the motors worked. You could also just reload the firmware in the Open CockPit.The line I am talking about is in the Thrusters2X1.cpp module and lives in /opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV folder. I see on the schematics there is a jumper J17 ESC power switch bypass which would do the same thing. Walt thinks of everything. I did not want to pull mine back apart to solder in a jumper.

Hey Brian does this sound right and is there an easier way?


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Hey John, sidetrack. Where did you find that beta version? Did he add support for the depth sensor?



sorry for the delay in answering, but did not know about the depth sensor support. Had my OpenROV in the water on Tuesday and did not see the depth sensor working. The link for the code I used was



Thanks John,

I found this: and it worked. Just can't get it calibrated right yet.

Were you the one who had posted about finding some ceramic bearings for the motors?




I installed new bearings and posted pictures of my motors.



They are different sizes ect. I would like to upgrade mine to ceramic. Could you post a link to where you bought them?



I don't know a lot about bearings but this is what I bought.

SMR73C-2OS #7 LD 3x7x3 mm,Ceramic SI3N4 Ball Material,Stainless Steel 440C Bearing Material, $15.95/each

SMR693C-YZZ #5 LD, 3x8x4 mm, Stainless Steel
Ceramic Hybrid Radial Bearing $9.95/each
I bought them from Boca Bearing Company and they are listed for Fishing Reel bearings. The motors sound a lot better. See/listen to the pond video that was just posted.