Lasercut Layout for Ponoko for download



this is my first post. Hope i can support the project a bit.

I converted the PDF file to a laser cut layout that can be used to order the the lasercut parts with Ponoko's "P3 - 790.0 mm long x 384.0" format. I just rearranged the parts a bit and made sure it will follow the design rules of Ponoko. Should be as easy as downloading it from Git and uploading it to Ponoko. For the 3mm material plus cutting it's something around 55$ plus shipping. At the end i didn't order it cause shipping to my location is about 120 USD, will shop around locally. So this is not tested yet but as i said i just moved the parts around so it should be fine.


I did send a pull request to the original Github repo so i hope it will be included in the official repo soon. If you guys know any other cutting service with other formats and design rules feel free to post and i will add it to the repository.


Oh, and i had to remove the logo, because it was rasterized. Ponoko doesn't support rasterized engraving. Happy to add it if i can get hold of a vectorized version.


Thanks for this Jan!


With a Universal laser, its currently $40 plus shipping. I'm also trying out rasterized engraving logo and about to test color to see how durable it is in water/salt environments.


Do you mean the laser cutter manufacturer? Do they offer cutting services now?


Universal Laser only manufacturers the machine itself with just a demo shop instead of a regular job shop service bureau (I live down the street from Universal Laser here in Scottsdale, AZ). I'm always looking for local job shops as we scale up with more projects. I use a Universal Laser with a 32x18 inch work area for now, modifying designs to fit 24x12 inch work area.


I made a showroom of your svg file on ponoko, it was $65 with shipping to Arizona. Here is a link if anyone wants a build (save you a couple minutes...)


One question about the ponoko file:

the original design is supposed to be cut in blue (main structure), white and clear (end caps and vertical propeller guide).

This is just the main body right?

I've checked and since I live near a ponoko facility the material and fabrication will cost just just cost 58USD.

It would be cool if someone could also make the ponoko files also for the other parts (even if I'm not sure I've seen them in the list of parts available)