Laser realtime Distance Measurement plugin


I don’t know if anyone else have tested the distance measurement using the laser. But I’ve written one that is not calibrated yet. tried with 4.8cm distance between the camera and the laser. then I used the parallax angle.

Here is my real-time tracker written entirely in javascript!

Laser Pointers
Laser Pointers
Ability to fly grid pattern
Structure From Motion
Underwater Archaeological Camera

Really, really a great job ¡¡

Lets go one more step on ....

Once the laser pointer calibrated ........

If distance, depth and heading are recorded into a 3D data base ........

Taking any point as the reference one ..... relative coordinates from that point could be calculated for all the points joint.

Then, by means of any of the many "point cloud" 3D reconstruction softwares (MeshLab is quite a good free one), a 3D mesh of the environment swept by the ROV lasers can be built.

By means of a correction algorithm (for errors minimization), the resulting mesh could achieve quite a good quality.

Could be the way for 3D scanning ¡¡¡

Nice and interesting work Joakim ¡¡ Im really, really interested on it.



Love it!


Simply amazing. This is really great, Joakim! Is there any place where we could play with the source code for this? I'd love to see how you got it to work!



I need your help, could you accept me or give your email.


Of course, I will release the source code as soon as I got some order in it.
Here is a clip where it shows how it's trying to find the laser points.

Thanks for your patience :)


Got my OpenROV 2.6 yesterday, should just calibrate it today. then I'll release it :)


Here you have OpenROV Laser Range Detector Plugin, not perfect but works.

I have only added Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * in the http header of the file to have rights to read from the camera.


Great work!


Hi Joakim.

This looks impressive and really useful, thank you!

I'll hopefully learn enough to implement this into my ROV... ;-)




I wouldlike to know were did you find the output_http. file in order to change the same thing. And were do you add the header???




how do you change the file "

When I copy it it doesn't work at all



What cockpit version are you using? I do not think it works for 2.5.1
This plugin was more of a proof of concept. I do not have time to continue developing it just right now but maybe in the near future.


thanks for your reply
than, what version of cockpit that can work?



Do you have time to place the code in a github repo so that people can fork it and send PRs back?

Laser question about alignment

Here you have

I also updated it so it works in 2.5.1


Hi, I have tried to use your Range Detector plugin, I also have copied to /usr/local/lib, but why the camera still not shown on the cockpit? thanks before


Anyone have luck getting the updated 2.5.1 version to work? I popped it into the plugins folder but I don’t see any text overlay on the laser points. Do I have to configure it for it to show? atm its doing nothing for me.


hi folks,
i desesperately try to get it working on curent 3.0 version but i think i should give up.
i ve followed instructions, and everytime no more camera view, pitch dark screen, :’(((

i think it s a great functionality, howcome it s not available in the core version?
if you got it working, please share your tips.


I remember there being something with the video and having to either disable something or enable something in Google Chrome to get it to work. It had to do with a security aspect if I remember correctly (I know this is the vaguest description ever but it might trigger someones memory).

@badevguru do you remember/know what I am talking about?