Laser files for chassis v2.4


I just saw a note in the wiki that said you have made changes in the chassis design and have used those in the most recent batch of kits. I haven't gotten a chance to cut mine yet, so is there an estimated time for the main body files to be uploaded to github? Also, if at all possible could you include .svg versions of the files?



We're going it piece by piece. Everything should be updated by next week. Cut files will be uploaded to Github, certainly.


Sounds good. I'm going to be cutting Monday or Tuesday, so I need to transfer the parts to 24x12" sheets and the weekend is the best time for that!


I just updated the github, the laser cut files are all uploaded!


much obliged!


Do you have a changelog or are the parts pretty much the same aside from some extra holes?


Pretty much the same. We removed a decent amount of acrylic in an attempt to reduce weight.


They are pretty much the same, just added cutouts to reduce weight and drag, and the endcaps for the E-tube are a little different (6mm thick "whalemouth" pieces and single O-ring)


What triggered the choice of using single silicon seals instead of double? Pressure tests or just overall experience with the ROV?