Laser Cutter software questions

Hi all, newbie builder here. I have my acrylic stock, I’ve downloaded the files, and I’ve found a laser cutter at my local makerspace. The problem that’s stuck me is the cutter is an Epilog and the makerspace folks only know how to print to it with PDF files. The OpenROV files are not PDFs. So, how do I get the OpenROV files to print out on the laser cutter? The options I can think of are:

  1. Get some new software that’s capable of driving the Epilog using the DXFs or STPs in the repo. Can anyone recommend some free or cheap software that will do this? (Rhino is no longer free.)
  2. Convert the DXFs etc. to PDFs – this would seem to be simple but again, I’m not sure what software to use. I’ve found some online converters, but the trick is making sure the dimensions translate exactly, and making sure the line widths are correct (they need to be a certain thinness for the Epilog to translate them into cuts).
  3. Something else? I’m open to suggestions, since this has hung me up for far too long.