Laser Cut Files - Identifying 3mm and 6mm Parts



I am an engineering student from Kerala, India.I need a little help in building an Indian OpenROV , but with SLAM implemented on board while being cheaper than the original version.

Can someone please help me differentiate between the 3mm and 6mm laser cut acrylic parts in .dxf file available in the Github repo.I used coreldraw and autocad but still I can't find the particular specification.We wanted to cut it on our own due to the non availability of the kit in India and high import tariffs.

Please respond.Is there anyone who can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Akshai M


Hello Akshai,

I am not at the office so I can not check fully but I believe for the 2.6 dxf file that is available on Github:

The top shell is made of polypropylene

The next large set of parts is made of 3mm acrylic

The next three parts are of white 3mm acrylic

The next two parts are 1.5mm clear acrylic

The next two parts are 1.5mm white acrylic

The last section is the 6mm acrylic

If someone would like to check this that would be great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

-Brian Grau



Thank you for the reply.

Can you please refer the image and explain.I cant find the section (two parts) as there is one only one set of two parts between large 6mm and three segments of 3mm. Did you make a double reference ?

Edit : Did you mean the large part and two small parts (3.5mm), if that is the case then it is ok.But still please do crosscheck.

Please respond asap so that we can have it LASER cut this week itself.


Akshai M


Hello Akshai,

Below is the DXF file that you referenced with the labels I was talking about. The materials can be referenced in the Bill of Materials.

Again I have not been to the office because of the holidays so I have not had a chance to cross check, but I am pretty sure these are correct.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

-Brian G.



Please let know if I can assist .

Kalpesh M